Globrix.ie is planning to be Ireland’s best property search engine.
and engine to find Qualified Tradesmen and Builders across Ireland. 

Why will house hunters use Globrix.ie?

  • We will have lots of properties– Globrix.ie will have a huge property search database in Ireland. 
  • Direct contact with your local expert– Globrix.ie provides you with the tools and facilities to contact estate agents directly and visit the estate agent’s website enabling you to find out as much as possible about the property and representing agent.
  • Clever search tools– Globrix.ie features the most advanced keyword search for Irish property for sale and rent. Want to look for a three-bedroom property on a specific street with a jacuzzi and a nuclear bunker? You can search for that on Globrix.ie, even if it does sound slightly bizarre! You can also search for properties by drawing a catchment area on a map or you can even search by price reduction. Why not have a play now with property in Dublin?
  • Unbiased results- Agents don't pay to be listed on Globrix.ie and agents cannot influence their position in the search results.

Why should estate agents list on Globrix.ie?

  • It's completely free - to list on Globrix.ie
  • More leads and traffic - Globrix.ie attracts tonnes of home searchers each and every month. Our intention is to convert each search into enquires and traffic to you.If you have a specific property to quickly sell or rent, we have all sorts of opportunities to drive more conversions, you can find out more here.
  • Fast growing and comprehensive index- Globrix.ie has the fastest growing index of Irish property with the local data that attracts tech savvy home searchers.
  • Key links with big media brands– As part of Independent News & Media, Globrix.ie is part of one of the world’s largest publishing groups – also joined by brands such as Independent.ie, Herald.ie, Independent Woman.ie, Cars Ireland.ie, TheMeetingPoint.ie, and 13 regional newspapers